Being Bad with Money

By Zhenyi Tan

Usually, when people say they’re ‘bad with money,’ it means that they’re not great at saving or budgeting, like they might blow their whole paycheck in a week.

Well, I’ve got a different problem. I’m bad at charging money. Like I think ‘business’ is a dirty word, and I feel guilty asking people to pay me.

When I was just selling apps on the App Store, it wasn’t so bad. Apple handles all the money stuff, and I just get my 85% cut.

But now, I’m running a web service. And it feels very different, especially since I’m designing the homepage of now.

I can’t stand my own marketing copy. It makes me feel like a hustler. I’ve thought about just having the app’s name, a screenshot, and a sign up button on the homepage. But would anyone sign up if they didn’t know me? Heck, even if they did know me, would they sign up?

So now I’m trying to push through all these yucky feelings and move forward. Wish me luck. 🤞🏻